Grace in black and white

Hello my dears,

after it was very very quiet on my side,  I want to write again something. First the  reason for my inactivity: I am working for some time on a still secret project. Since this requires a little help from friends, it takes much time. But you can be curious! Perhaps it comes soon a little taste of it

Today I want to talk first about the black / white project with Studio LI PHORA Art Photography. In February I got a very exciting call from the talented photographer. We already had some projects together and when she asked me if I wanted to participate in a video project for a big band, I was immediately hooked.

Here is the link to her page:

The basic idea was to keep everything in black and white and to interpret the song “In the Mood” by Glenn Miller. Wohoowhat a great idea. I love this classic song of the early 30s. Dress and jewelry were found quickly only the location seemed to be a problem.


When we met on a cold Sunday in early February, our original idea was to shoot in a castle but we had a big problem: there were too many tourists. But we quickly realized that we already knew a much better location, because we were already there once at a photo shoot: On the old station Radebeul. Old wagons and steam locomotives give a really great background for a classic theme.

12513949_547845315381969_5096179905601671009_oIt was terribly cold and the dress I wore was not really warm. The wind ruffled my hair.Quickly said: it was really no perfect weather for our project, but we have conjured up wonderful results both in photos and video sequences.


The greatest thing at all for me: Studio LI PHORA has conjured a beautiful video that really shows wonderful how I am as a person: full of vitality and energy, a bit playful, dramatic but very sensual. And I love to dance. All this reflects our great overall result again. See for yourself! The video can be found at this link on my Youtube Channel:

Have fun watching. I look forward to your feedback!

With sincere – Grace


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It´s your choise

I often can´t decide which photo I want to show you next. From the large number of shootings always occur very many beautiful pictures and I often don´t know what you like best. That´s why it´s now your turn. Tell me what kind of style I should post next. I’m curious what your favorites are. Vote runs two days and then you get your choice. ❤


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Firebirds Festival 2015

Like every year on the first weekend in July: Castle Trebsen near Grimma/Germany was showplace of the sounds of fantastic rock’n’roll music and fans of the 50s and 60s style. At the same time we had one of the hottest weekends of the year – 38 degrees Celsius in the shade and a hardly breeze. You could see the crowds just hopping from shadow to shadow or wagging their fronds. It was as always a fantastic festival for each eye to observe the dressed ladies and gentlemen in their vintage style – with their proper hairstyles and attitudes.


In addition to the numerous bands that gave the honor, such as: the lords of the castle itself – The Firebirds – The Starliters, Barrence Whitfield, Twistes Rod – to name just a few, the organizers made the event around with burlesque shows, an antique car show for all chrome enthusiastic fans, dance classes for beginners and advanced, a Fashion tent full of authentic labels for shopping and various workshops for make-up and hair styles for men and women. Everything the heart of a rock and roll fan is beating for was offered a long three days and the all-round package convinced as every year from new.


This year I worked again as a model on the catwalk and was proud to present the fashion labels “Frozen Hibiscus”, “The Pink Room” and “Vecona Vintage”. Despite the extreme conditions (40 degrees felt stagnant air in the fashion tent and 20 models corralled into the tightest spaces) it was a pleasure to be on stage again.


A video showing the whole fashion show:

Many thanks to the fantastic Miss Mint. She has again conjured up a great creation that withstood the heat, remained stable despite the frequent change of clothing and looked fantastic the whole three days. So girls – if you should eventually have the time and opportunity to let you embellish by Miss Mint or to visit one of her workshops – use this great opportunity!


What I love most on Firebirds Festival is this pleasant atmosphere almost familiar – and the fantastic setting of the scenery gives a romantic touch. To stand in front of an illuminated castle under a starry sky and listen to the bands is one of the most beautiful moments that you can enjoy at this festival. To have people around you who love and live all the same, makes the event every year to an absolute must. I am really looking forward to the next time!

11731635_971649939565123_6674779312099678900_oMore information about the event:



Philipp Kumbier Fotografie

Video about the whole event:

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About spoiled for choice

Today I have to make a screen selection again. In my shootings with photographers from all over Germany usually arise innumerable many beautiful photos of which, of course, only the best and most beautiful can be published. Maybe you think that this was done in 10 minutes, but my experience is another: it sometimes lasts several days! In most cases, I even have to get the help of my friends, because: Grace is not good in making decisions!


How can I select only 10 most beautiful pictures of from 800 images. Doesn´t has every picture an interesting facet? One might rather like looking me directly into the camera, the next one will find a sweet dreamy look much nicer. How could I always know what the viewer likes? I am doing so incredibly hard to make such decisions. And compare the images sometimes for days, until I decided.


Now you might wonder why not select multiple images and capture every angle? On the one hand it would be hard work for the photographer who makes generally a soft retouch at the images. Secondly, I don´t wanna bore you, my fans, always with the same or similar images again and again. So I prefer working through nights to filter out the perfect image of a series.


From the series with Andreas Bock (, which I append here as sample images, a few really great eye-catchers are definitely emerged. Stay tuned. More you can find as always on my Facebook page. Little by. Eventually … So how can I make up my mind what picture I should post next …. 🙂

* Kisses *

Your´s Grace

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Hello World!


When I published my Facebook page about 1 year ago, I never imagined how great this would get. Now, after several stunning photo shootings, many great cooperations and 4000 followers it´s time to make an own website.

Please be patient with me. I have never run a website and I have to check first the trials and tribulations. But with some practice I will certainly soon have conjured up a clear side and can surprise you with the latest stories and pictures here.

Currently I´m also planning a slightly larger project, in which I would like to include you, but I‘ll tell you another time. Now first it’s time for me to search for tips and advice for operating a website.

Because I want you happy!

Love and kisses for you

your´s Grace


Photo by Rosa Lynda Photography

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