And then the world goes wild in front of your door

Today I have to write a political statement, because my hometown Chemnitz has made it to sad international fame. Briefly the background: during a city festival there was a stabbing. Since the participants were non-German descent, the media abused the issue and right-wing groups used it as a reason for marches and demonstrations. In the course of this there were riots in our city for days, involving hooligans from other parts of Germany.

Where media first put the focus on the alleged “murder” by foreigners and thus fueled hatred unnecessarily, Chemnitz is now presented as a fascist and xenophobic. Chemnitz is by no means right-wing radical. There are no more right-wing political forces in our city than elsewhere. Here, deliberately violent chaotic people from all over Germany were “brought in” to make the situation escalate. Where do non-local hooligans take the right to riot in our city? By what right are right-wing populist forces allowed to hunt down people of other descent? I distance myself vehemently from any thoughts of hate. That’s just horrible.

It may be that the original act was a crime by foreigners. But does such acts not happen elsewhere in Germany sameway by Germans under the influence of alcohol? What makes foreigners worse people than Germans? I am deeply shocked. Especially how media with the most primitive headlines can cause such an escalation and then exploit it for their own purposes. Really sad in which world we live in which a deceased person (who, by the way, was also not a German) is used as a pawn sacrifice for minor machinations.

Poor Germany.


About missgraceglamour

I´m a PinUp and Vintage Model from Germany with the huge love for Rock´n´Roll and American Lifestyle of the 50s and 60s It was always a dream of me to make Pin Up pics and now my greatest wish became truth. So here I am: A young girl which wants to conquer the word with her zest for life and a lot of vintage. Wanna shoot with me? Please send a request. Lookin forward for great cooperations.
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