About struggling with my body after pregnancy

The body of my life – I had it. After setting the goal to myself to become lighter and fitter so that I could be more successful as a show dancer, I switched my diet to low carb at the beginning of 2017 . In addition to the twice weekly trainings with my dance group I went extra 2 to 3 times to the gym. With success. I felt fitter, better – lighter. I felt fantastic.


My main goal in 2017 was my calendar shoot with Carlos Kella for the “Girls and legendary US Cars Calendar 2018”. And I made it. At the beginning of June 2017, his team and me headed to the island of Römö in Denmark and I was allowed to pose – beside other outfits – in bikini with an old hotrod. A dream came true. I felt sexy and great.


The joy did not last long, because shortly thereafter I learned of my little surprise: a baby was on the way. And I struggled a lot with this news – I had already built a great life with job, modeling, family and dance group. So again from the beginning? My “big daughter” was already 11 years old and relatively independent. How would she cope with the news? Would I be able to continue dancing and modeling? How should I master this? And anyway – what will become of my body?

Fortunately, with the growing belly came the anticipation for the baby, and on the 3rd of February in 2018 it was time – our little boy was born. Healthy and strong he was and I was proud that my body had mastered this with flying colors.


At first, my thoughts, as with any freshly baked mother, turned only to diapers, breastfeeding and managing the new family situation. But gradually the desire came back to be in front of the camera and also to become more active again. And there it was again, the question: can I still do that? Can I model and dance with 10 kilos more and a condition like a sack of flour? (laugh) Do I want to force myself again to healthy diet and a lot of sports?


I do not know yet, I will tell you. But even with a little more hip and belly flab, I feel great. I have a great, strong baby thanks to my body. I like to overlook the flab. I love myself. I love my body with all its quirks. And I enjoy the power that is inherent in him. And he shows me every day anew. And for more fitness and inner balance, I enjoy my yoga every morning on my terrace and long walks with my dog.


My message: no matter whether you are quarreling with your body and your destiny, be grateful for what life gives you and pay more attention to the positive things in your life. Because there are far too many negative things. Every day before bedtime, think of something positive that has happened to you today and love you the way you are. Feel hugged. Namaste –

Yours Grace


About missgraceglamour

I´m a PinUp and Vintage Model from Germany with the huge love for Rock´n´Roll and American Lifestyle of the 50s and 60s It was always a dream of me to make Pin Up pics and now my greatest wish became truth. So here I am: A young girl which wants to conquer the word with her zest for life and a lot of vintage. Wanna shoot with me? Please send a request. Lookin forward for great cooperations.
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