Places to dream of and dreams that come true

Hello my dears,

some of you have already read on Facebook that I had a somewhat unusual shooting at a very special place some time ago. I was allowed to take part of a huge photo event – organized by “Buypixels Photography”. Three photographers with teams of 2-3 models, make-up artists, assistants, accompanying documentation by video and photo and elaborate costumes – it sounded like a great challenge. But what made the whole thing even more delightful was the planned location.



The old citybath in Leipzig is a so-called Lost Place. A deserted place, who knows how to tell many stories for sure. The extraordinary architecture in Art Nouveau style with colonnades, intricate patterns with gold ornaments, wall mosaics and a fantastically beautiful Oriental Steambath attracts every year crowds of photographers  to shoot there. So Dennis of “Buypixels Photography”, who then organized the Project. I was especially pleased that I could be part of it.



Arrived at a pretty cool day in March I first checked the location and the local situation. I was immediately in love with the architecture, because old buildings have always fascinated me, and here I found clearly a pot of gold. A gem, prevailed in hectic already. Makeup Artists painted frozen models, photographers put their lighting technic on and in between the one or another assistant giving a helping hand … I was on fire – I wanted to get started.


The lovely Jessica Stay of “makeupmadebyjessy” was already waiting for me with brushes and climbers to change completely my whole optic. My rather delicate hair should become a voluminous crepe hairstyle – a mega challenge that could only be mastered with tons of hairspray. A Makeup that was fitting the first costume in bronze tones was the next step. The lovely Steffi helped me then to get into the outfit with an intricately decorated corsage. And that all by felt 10 degrees minus. I was already frozen, before the shooting even begun.


The first set was the old woman swimming hall. When the object was built, women and men had to go swim separately. The women side is already very destroyed. The plaster was crumbling from the walls and columns. Everywhere was rubble and in the middle of the great hall there was the big blue tiled swimming pool, which had its best days long ago. A dream for every Lost Place lover. Together with Andy from “Head Light Pictures” as assistant the talented Dennis – “Buypixels Photography” put me in scene. A very amusing episode, when I should sit on the edge of the pool and Dennis offered me his comparatively tiny hat for my huge bare bottom to protect it against cold and dirt. I hardly  laughed. Here is the picture showing the dark princess. I love it because it exudes glamour and authority in equal measure. And everyone who was there, knows how much discipline and perfectionism was necessary for that image. A wonderful result.


Then we had a complete makeover. The next costume was kept in a gorgeous blue and Jessy made a new hairstyle and a new makeup fitting to it. Even Rhinestones decorated my skin and little blue birds sitted in my hair. A quickly new paint for the nails and here we go to the next set  –  the Oriental Steam Bath. Wow – this set I love most. In the portico at the entrance we created a wonderful picture with a fog machine and many helpers to throw parts of my dress. This photo embodies both elegance and passion. I think it’s just fantastic.


We were accompanied throughout the whole day by a videographer and “Poser Photography” burning the scenario in photos. The result is a wonderful Making of video that I really want you to see. Follow the link:

Without the help of many many hardworking assistants and without perfect Teamwork such great results would have been impossible. Therefore many thanks to all involved. I will remember this day forever and will frame these images on my wall  Thanks for a fantastic day. Here you can see the whole project team.


Finally my thanks go especially to

Photo : Buypixels Photography (
MUAH: makeupmadebyjessy (
Costumes: Cora von Herzen (
Assistance: Fingerspitzengefühl (
Light-Assistance: Headlight Pictures (

BTS-Pictures: Poser Photography (


And to “Förderverein Altes Stadtbad Leipzig” for that amazing location and the object pictures (



About missgraceglamour

I´m a PinUp and Vintage Model from Germany with the huge love for Rock´n´Roll and American Lifestyle of the 50s and 60s It was always a dream of me to make Pin Up pics and now my greatest wish became truth. So here I am: A young girl which wants to conquer the word with her zest for life and a lot of vintage. Wanna shoot with me? Please send a request. Lookin forward for great cooperations.
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