About spoiled for choice

Today I have to make a screen selection again. In my shootings with photographers from all over Germany usually arise innumerable many beautiful photos of which, of course, only the best and most beautiful can be published. Maybe you think that this was done in 10 minutes, but my experience is another: it sometimes lasts several days! In most cases, I even have to get the help of my friends, because: Grace is not good in making decisions!


How can I select only 10 most beautiful pictures of from 800 images. Doesn´t has every picture an interesting facet? One might rather like looking me directly into the camera, the next one will find a sweet dreamy look much nicer. How could I always know what the viewer likes? I am doing so incredibly hard to make such decisions. And compare the images sometimes for days, until I decided.


Now you might wonder why not select multiple images and capture every angle? On the one hand it would be hard work for the photographer who makes generally a soft retouch at the images. Secondly, I don´t wanna bore you, my fans, always with the same or similar images again and again. So I prefer working through nights to filter out the perfect image of a series.


From the series with Andreas Bock (http://headlightpictures.de/), which I append here as sample images, a few really great eye-catchers are definitely emerged. Stay tuned. More you can find as always on my Facebook page. Little by. Eventually … So how can I make up my mind what picture I should post next …. 🙂

* Kisses *

Your´s Grace


About missgraceglamour

I´m a PinUp and Vintage Model from Germany with the huge love for Rock´n´Roll and American Lifestyle of the 50s and 60s It was always a dream of me to make Pin Up pics and now my greatest wish became truth. So here I am: A young girl which wants to conquer the word with her zest for life and a lot of vintage. Wanna shoot with me? Please send a request. Lookin forward for great cooperations.
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